Control PC Time, Lock laptop or desktop remotelly.
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IT Works News
March 05, 2010
Release of PC Lock® v. 1.7.2

[+] Updated Stealth Mode (now EPL invisible for Task Manager)

October 27, 2009
Release of PC Lock® v. 1.5.0

[+] Added Russian language support
[+] Added protection against app removal during the Windows reboot
[!] Fixed system time changes blocking when the app is not running

June 8, 2008
Interview of W. Banks with Toronto Sun

...He bought his daughter laptop for Christmas and she chose Internet over family...


What is PC Lock®?

PC Lock® allows you to remotely control the PC access time of any computer that you allow your employees or contractors access to, anywhere in the World. You can Lock, Restart, turn the power off on any PC.

Features of PC Lock®:

  • Remotely LOCK, SHUTDOWN, REBOOT your PC
  • Schedule PC access times or limit maximum access time


Examples of use:

Protecting LEASED COMPUTERS: If your business is leasing computers you now have a method of ensuring that the lease payments are made because if they are not, you can lock down the PC until payment is made.

Protecting LOANED COMPUTERS: If you loan your PC, for example a remote office, you can now enforce the loan period by locking it down should it not be returned by the agreed return date.

Protecting OFFICE COMPUTERS: Ensure your PC’s are not used by unauthorized personnel after hours.

Protecting LOST OR STOLEN COMPUTERS: If you PC is lost or stolen you can LOCK it from anywhere in the world.

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